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3 Years

Birch & Willow celebrated her 3rd birthday this week! I’m down far south in a faraway corner of the world, Puerto Williams— the last port for sailors before heading to Antarctica. The adventure is going great but I wanted to check in to say thanks for following me, you crazy kids. Hope your journeys are going well, wherever you all are in the world!
p.s. If you want to read about my wandering life, I write about it here:

How are you able to travel so much? I'd love to but money is a problem :/

I don’t make very much money. In fact, if I’m being honest, I make about half as much as the national poverty line. I sail professionally, which normally pays shit but provides room & board, so if I manage my money wisely I can save up for trips.. Plus I’ve sailed to 8 countries for work.

In addition, I work seasonally & only take jobs that provide room & board so that I have barely any expenses. I also apply for jobs in exciting new places instead of sticking around in one place.

If you’re a student, you can hunt for scholarships to go abroad, too, which is how I went to New Zealand a few years ago.

Most of it comes down to managing your money. That’s not always fun—- I didn’t party or go out a lot in college because instead of spending money on booze & covers, I was saving up for a trip to Italy and backpacking gear. Which was worth it, but I missed out on what most people would consider the quintessential college experience. I once didn’t buy enough food for months to save money to travel, which was really stupid, so don’t ever budget yourself so tight that you can’t cover your real essentials. Eventually I started growing a lot of my own veggies to more wisely manage my food budget.

I’m extraordinarily fortunate that I had scholarships & assistance for university, and I graduated early & took community college classes to further reduce the financial burden. BUT I know plenty of people with seriously huge amounts of college debt who still manage their money well enough to go abroad, which is truly impressive.

So, if you dream it, you can find a way to make it possible! Good luck!!!